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hotboy238: 17 June, 2014

Why I am not download this video

Anonymous: 27 March, 2014

My Mom and I had sex from when I was 14 years old until I graduated from High School at 17. She was a single Mom and told me she had to educate me coz it was normally a fathers job. The first time, she was drunk, and gave me a couple beers, which caused me to fall asleep, or pass out, on the couch. I awoke to someone playing with my cock. Today, I am blessed with an eight inch, fat cock, but back then, I was only six inches or so. Anyway, I look up, half drunk from two beers, and see Mom playing with my now rock hard cock, dripping like a faucet with pre cum. I pretend to not wake up, and enjoyed her gentle playing with my fatty. As I lay there, watching her, she starts sucking the head really softly. Remember, I'm only 14, and this is new to me, so I blow a huge load within thirty seconds of her putting me inside her hot, sweet mouth. I just kept cumming and cumming, and it felt so much better than when I jacked off, and it was never ending. Gobs of hot sticky cum spurt into my Moms mouth, and she never let go, even when I was limp. She layed there in her drunken state, with my limp cock still in her mouth, and gently nibbled on the skin on the end. Within ten minutes of her passed out with my cock still in her mouth, my 14 year old dick started throbbing again, on its way to being rock hard again. This awoke Mom, and she mumbled something, covered me up, and went to bed. I layed there in the darkness, with my cock now again, rock hard, and confused. To this day, I don't know why I did it, but I got up, and went to my Mothers bedroom. She was passed out on the top of her covers, completely naked, with a vibrator hanging out of her pussy. She apparently got started, and passed out either before, or just after her orgasm. I slid the vibrator slowly out of her tight cunt, and was both surprised at how long it was, and how tight my Mom was for her age. She was soaking wet, and I went down on her sweet pussy like I knew what I was doing. I lapped her cum from the swollen pussy lips, and started doing what all the books I read said I should do. Remember, this is the first pussy I have enjoyed, and man it really tasted good. Her cum kept flowing out, even tho she had not cum. I lapped her almost dry outside, and put my throbbing hard on inside that warm sweet pussy. Even tho Mom was soaking wet, I had trouble getting my big cock inside her because she was so tight. Once I did, I layed there feeling her pussy squeezing my cock really tightly inside. Once again, youth took over, and this being the first pussy I was ever inside, I came within a minute, as I stabbed her cunt ten or twelve times with my 14 year old cock. Once again, the cum kept flowing and spurting inside Mom's pussy. It was so hot, I think it triggered her somehow, and she arched her back, even in her passed out state, and yelled "I'm cumming....I'm cumming". With both of us cumming, our cum squirted past my fat cock, blocking Mom's tight pussy so hard, and flowed out onto her sheets. I remember I fell asleep inside Mom that night. Even tho she was soaking wet, her tightness, and my fat cock, even limp, kept me inside her until I awoke a couple hours later. It seemed neither one of us had moved an inch, and I felt myself starting to grow inside Mom's lovely honey box once again. Within seconds, I was again rock hard inside her now crusty from cum pussy. Mom half awoke and actually yelled at me to go to bed because I was hurting her. She looked up and saw she had hurt my feelings, and gave me a really warm and tender kiss....again something new to a 14 year old kid. Realizing I was only half inside Mom at this time, I lurched forward really hard and buried my whole cock inside her, up to the balls. In doing so, yeah my youth and inexperience, caused me to blow another load up inside Mom. As she obviously felt it bursting inside her, she slapped me really hard across the face, and said "Don't you ever cum inside me got it?" I yanked my now semi hard cock out of her sticky and tight pussy, and ran to my bedroom crying. Days later, we talked about it, and continued being together from time to time until I graduated High School, and moved out. I love my mommy, and I now realize how talanted and tight she was at the time. She was one of the few women in my life who could take all my monster in her mouth, and make me cum within seconds. When she later taught me to eat pussy the right way, that's about all we did for a couple months. Mom really liked that, and said I was very good at making her cum. Since then, whenever I eat a womans pussy, or lick their asshole, I think of Mom and her sweet taste, talent, and ability to teach me about sex. I'm rock hard right now thinking about licking her "taint"...the space between her cunt and asshole....Taint pussy....taint ass....but all women love it when you lick them there. Mom was right..........Rowdy

Anonymous: 20 February, 2014

i love my mommies pussy on my wet pussy

Anonymous: 20 January, 2014

I am really fond off her.....

Anonymous: 11 September, 2013

im so horney thinking of my mom

Anonymous: 11 September, 2013

thats so fucken sexy i would love to fuck my mom just one time

Anonymous: 11 September, 2013

i love my mom

Anonymous: 11 September, 2013


Anonymous: 07 September, 2013

Hot damn, I wish I could fuck my mom! Just the idea of being inside her, but I don't think she would ever let me. :-(

Anonymous: 16 January, 2013

Mom loves her son a lot, so she will give him the best sex. Some guys who fucked their mothers, spoke of very huge ejaculations for longer times inside their mothers pussies.


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