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Anonymous: 28 May, 2015

My legs and hips trembled uncontrollably as he took my last hope of manhood away with his huge cock i really had no idea how powerful alpha male dick is until now as i moaned out loud like a girl so femme. Pleasure shot thru me from head to toe and i was his for the taking so full of his thick cock he could tell.... the look on my face didnt lie i knew it wasnt about my ass anymore it was about my pussy as my cum shot out of me filling my panties like a slut. Then he gave me the joy of his cock and man grunts pushing to the absolute back of my throat he came and cum spurting out running down my chin he said your my faggot now bitch! i love this video it reminds me.

Anonymous: 06 January, 2015

I love it when my guy dresses me up in panties and a nightie and I suck his cock, lick those balls and give him the rim job of his life. Then take his cum in my mouth and swallow....Cum shots in the ass are very hot...

Anonymous: 23 September, 2014

would love a sissy of my own with nice pert 32" breasts. The best I've done so far was a master / slave relationship with a young guy (just turned 18) who loved to act and dress up like a girl. He was gorgeous and we talked about hormone treatment for him and a boob job if necessary. But I wouldn't want him going the full sex change way. I loved his cock deep in my ass and sucking him until he came. He loved taking my cock deep in his ass and keeping my cum up there as long as poss using a big butt plug. Your video turned me on so much I want a gorgeous well hung sissy of my own again.

Anonymous: 25 August, 2014

Any white whore who fucks niggers deserves the ebola virus.

Anonymous: 06 August, 2014

i wish i could be gang banged by a hot group of tranny girls like these. would love a big fat cock stretching my asshole wide open and then be fisted and facefucked making me choke so hard while being slapped about.

Anonymous: 01 July, 2014

shame on you hoes (sissy americans)

Anonymous: 21 February, 2014

I am a white sissy boy that lives with two black men and I am their cum slut and slutty whore they love watching me in a dress, hi heels, makeup and perfume walking the streets and getting in a black mans car and sucking his cock off and swallow his cum. When I get home they are waiting for me and tie me to the breeding bench and they fuck me and then shove their wet cum covered cocks in my hot red lips and hold my blonde head down on their cocks making me swallow all their cum.

Anonymous: 30 December, 2013

Music is Russian type this into youtube and you will get the song "Саша Дит -- ты ушол и я одна моя жизнь без тебя"

Anonymous: 07 June, 2013

Yeah... I`m a sissy, cumslut... offering my cunt to every cock that want it! I love sucking and fucking cock:-) I need that hot cum on my slutty face and in my asspussy. Fuck my deep, slow, hard... and shot your juice inside my. In my next life I`m gonna be a hot woman and u can have me, but in this life I`m a sissy boy and I love it when you use me.... This Video make me cum everytime and it looks inside my soul! Give me more...

Anonymous: 09 May, 2013

What's the music in the background?


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