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lailatvx: 10 May, 2012

Nadia my wife had several lovers since the beginning of our relationship, she did not refuse a shot at the tail. We agreed that, from the moment she told me it was perfectly acceptable.
Gradually, I realized that I liked the information in the arms of another. I was especially pleased when his stories left me very nasty imagine, being a blow job on a highway rest area, or taking on all fours on the carpet of a hotel room.
One day I decided to show me his skills and we had an announcement.

Ali, a muscular hunk, thirties, had answered the ad.

We went home, and we immediately hit it a few moments later he undressed my wife gently caressed her breasts, took off his pants, and passed his fingers on the edge of the string, then more and more inside the string. Nadia was in heaven. Ali has come to turn down the string and Nadia found herself naked. So she began undressing her lover, then she opened his pants and slowly pulled out the sex of Ali and began to suck, to lick the shaft, the glans back while rubbing his testes.
It was the first time I saw her with another man I was a little surprised by the enthusiasm that she put to suck cock, and also of his technique. I had stripped myself, and I masturbated.
My wife beckoned me to approach, and handed me the sex of Ali that I suck, while Ali was putting his finger into the anus. Nadia was under control the sex of Ali and resumed from time to time in the mouth in delight, and soon she kept for her by making me understand that I must get away. Ali had it up and installed in front of him back, he held her by the breasts, he presented his cock to her slit and pulled slowly, then retired and re put on, this time through the anus. He began to fuck her by turns, and in both holes.
My wife is arched so well follow suit, and let her gender as a whole.
They were installed in profile against me, and I saw every minute of the penis Ali out then back into the other hole. This lasted a very long time, Nadia went to the cries of small moans, and encouraged his partner to the file and deeper. Ali turned to me from time to time to show me how he took my wife.
The slow pace and intensity of its penetration was unbearable, they were insolent beauty, I've never seen anything as beautiful as the love scene that unfolded before my eyes, and I did never forgotten. Finally the cries of Nadia became real cries of orgasm, almost sobs so violent was the orgasm. Ali gave more sex, my wife appeared on the balance held in sex, and also gave cries of orgasm, he discharged inside my wife in the pussy or the anus, I do not know The two holes received an equal share of the sex of her lover.
Eyes lit up, they left both take a well deserved shower. I did not know what to think, see the jealousy of his wife take him to heaven so high, the gratitude so extraordinary a lover, I had the heart to see what was happening in the shower, because the laughter and small cries had resumed. They came back twenty minutes later, Ali told me, "I shaved cunt of your wife, it's much more exciting"
and indeed Nadia's pussy was perfectly smooth, and showed his lips swollen and parted.
Nadia said tenderly, "So it pleased you to see your little wife get fucked with a stranger?"
I replied that I had never seen anything more beautiful.

Ali Rebais the three or four times that night she had orgasms every time more and more strong. In the following days, Nadia told me several times she would say goodnight to Ali, she returned at 6 am, drenched pussy, telling me just the evening, I was so excited every time I enjoyed that very quickly as soon as his story became a little raw.
I invited Ali to spend the next week, my wife went to the bathroom, he followed soon after, they remained a long time, in the end, I went to see Ali was standing, Nadia was impaled on tail, they explained they could not expect, that their desire was too strong.
I began to realize that I was really cuckold and do a little frown.
They became aware of my condition, Nadia began to suck me, Ali offered me his cock to suck, Nadia said, "You know, it's just normal to want a bite as good."
I cuckold and I made against a bad situation, I was at their antics of the evening, all in all very happy with my position, I wanted to be a cuckold, I was well and truly cuckolded by a exceptional lover.
There were a few meetings and then one day Ali disappeared from our lives, he had been afraid to fall in love?
This story happened there two years. Often, in bed we'll talk about Ali with great regret. To my wife, it's still his best moments of love, and for me, my best moments of cuckold.

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