Cum Funnel Cuckold slave

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siggi: 23 September, 2017

I like that!! You are the best Mistress t

siggi: 23 September, 2017

I like that!! You are the best Mistress t

siggi: 23 September, 2017

I like that!! You are the best Mistress t

siggi: 23 September, 2017

I like that!! You are the best Mistress t

siggi: 23 September, 2017

I like that!! You are the best Mistress t

Anonymous: 01 March, 2015

Forget the funnel just put his cock directly into the subs mouth and cum!

Anonymous: 15 December, 2014

That is so cool

Anonymous: 08 December, 2012

that was great i would be her cuckold every day

lailatvx: 10 May, 2012

Internet is great! But sometimes we go a little further than we would like and it is trapped voluntarily. I admit that it happened to me and that on balance, I do not regret it. This allowed me a revelation. In the absence of my wife, I surf merrily on various "cat" and Forum.
One day I tapping on a server rather SM, Nadia my wife surprises me. It is quite open but it's still a little shocked. She ordered me to stop the communication. I cry: "Let me see, I was talking to an advertiser who proposed to take the wife of a couple in front of her husband." She looks at me straight in the eye and said, "What did you say?" I told him that I have not yet responded. She does not believe me. I stop surfing and we do not even talk.

Before continuing, I just want to tell you that my wife Nadia is 25 years old, measuring 1m68 for 51 kg and is just gorgeous with beautiful breasts, and especially a "cul de Queen" as I like to say well full and firm without being too big.

A few days later, a couple of our friends invited us for dinner. After a meal well watered, our host invited us to watch videos rather scabrous. Another man fuck his wife in front of him. What makes me think of the ad on the Internet. We leave for the evening, although excited.
Once in bed, my wife spoke again of the film. Immediately, I start to bend. She notices this and said, "Well, it looks to make you the effect you'd like me to do it before you?" I growl a response incomprehensible, but my dick is hard as a bar iron. My wife and I swallowed it filled the mouth immediately.

A few days later my wife offers herself to surf together. We have a great time, and for several days it teases the forums and "Cats."
We like to enjoy after we be excited to talk.
And then one day it falls on the same user.
My wife told me excitedly, grabbing me testes "I'm sure it would please you to be a cuckold." I band. She rejoices ...

What is my surprise when she took an appointment with this man. She claims that this will bring spice to our lives. The evening comes, we go to the appointment, in a quiet little bistro. The guy is there. Tall, slim, easy-looking, thirty years maximum.
He undressed my wife eyes. After an aperitif, it offers dining in a restaurant. After the meal, my wife said to him bluntly: "If we talk about serious things, things that we met." And once we go to his apartment.
So that the narrative of this trip is not too long I pass over the description of places, etc..

My wife does not expect that invites him to undress. In the blink of an eye, she is naked. The man whistled in admiration. My wife turned to me said: "Karim, undressed, cuckold, you will be more comfortable to see me kiss." The guy is well proportioned, well hung balls, the penis long enough. My wife goes to him and strokes his cock. II band soon. She is about to make me a cuckold, and it will happen before my eyes! I see him blush excitement in the figure. I am astonished at my passivity, but I understand that a certain morbid curiosity keeps me.
My wife showed an eagerness that shocks me a bit, because I think it has ever had with me. It sticks to the male and kisses. The penis of her lover has become enormous, the glans is largely scalped and larger than the diameter of the stem.
It takes the man's testicles in the palm of your other hand and grab the chuck and absorbs easily into his greedy mouth the tip of the song. I think I myself have never been so bandaged. What a bitch, I never would have thought him capable of doing that to me. It seems like this boosts his pleasure. They go every two to a bed. The guy lies on his back and said, "I see you're a slut, and many rides me, it will be better and more exciting in the eyes of your husband." I see her thighs wide open, slowly but deeply impaled on the rod.
She opens her mouth, exhales a sigh, and restless after a while shouts his joy, crimson cheeks and eyes rolling. She collapses on the male and kisses her full on the lips. "Oh, it was good," she exclaims. The guy he noted that her juices flowed abundantly on his balls, the bed is soaked. Indeed a large stain of cum spread over the sheets. She had never much enjoyed.

The drive back was silent. Each trying to recover his spirits up. In bed, you start talking about evening. Therefore, an erection terrible. She points out, adding: "It will again."

Since then, she dresses in a more provocative, more sexy. Miniskirt, garter belt, thong string, push up bra ... And she returned later in the evening. One evening I was waiting behind the door. I asked her where she came from, only answer a great pair of slaps that made me shake. I fell to my knees, moaning. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "I'll draw." Lifting up her dress size, she added: "You will know, I come, lick, bitch, you're eating all the cum from my lover." As I stood dumbfounded, I received a new pair of slaps, she grabbed me by the neck and held me against his mouth sex stripped of panties.
I felt defeated and slavishly, I began to suck. The strong smell of sex and cum excited me. I licked greedily, she noticed, and has insulted in my mouth. "Since you love being a cuckold, from today you will do what I demand of you. I want my lover to make love come to me here. You will be our servant and as my friend said to me, it is necessary it is at your disposal and for that, you need to train him hard in the whip or the whip, even with your lovers. "
Since that day, my wife Nadia name is not expensive but a cuckold, and each time I start an erection.

And now I am regularly whipped and I band to break out, especially when it beats me in the presence of guys, they are sometimes surprised, some leave, others take the whip in hand. The whip or the whip, it hurts, I cry, I pray, I cry sometimes, but on balance my masochistic nature is filled with this and I enjoy after a damned me masturbating in front of them. I bear them breakfast in bed in the morning.

His favorite game: take my cock closer to that of her lover, to compare the size and degree of rigidity, it amuses a lot because I'm pretty short.
She intends to take me by guys who like to kiss complacent husband, she seeks the boys on the internet.

You see how far I got the thing.

Anonymous: 19 April, 2012

best cuckold video;wif is hot and love big cock

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